About Maneva Consulting

Maneva Consulting is a HR – one stop solutions firm engaged in the business of working with organizations, to understand and meet the requirements imperative in the ever changing and growing industry. We provide consultancy in areas such as Recruitment, Manpower/HR Process Outsourcing etc. in India. Our Endeavour is to provide the contract labour, best quality staff, consulting in various HR processes and fulfill all the HR related requirements.

Maneva, a start-up, an epitome of excellence, relishes the idea of providing Human Resource to the best of its charismatic ability. We have the talent to think extraordinarily & catapult the manpower worldwide with several rungs on the success ladder.

In any organization, Human Resource plays the most indispensable role who ultimately leads the organization towards its growth and we are here to provide that Human Resource in accordance with the need of our client.


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